Activity/Sightseeing Contract Management Development

Sightseeing booking engine

Activity/Sightseeing Contract Management

Online activity booking is on the rise at present and you can’t ignore the importance of travel portal development. Give a kick start to your travel booking website featuring sightseeing contracts, an essential solution for travellers and businesses to grow their excursion revenue
Trivo develops B2C and B2B travel booking software to leverage the immense capabilities of the travel industry. A wide range of sightseeing activities and experiences, in conjunction with a hotel booking engine as well as the flight reservation system, makes it a great cross-sell opportunity.

With our activity/sightseeing contract management service, you can offer a travel portal developed by a highly dedicated and motivated people with domain expertise in Travel and Hospitality. When it comes to delivering solutions for creating and managing online booking business, Trivo is the fastest solution providing company. You can now expand your role as a travel expert!

Activity booking engine

Key Features of

Activity/Sightseeing Contract Management Portal

B2B & B2C Live Booking Engine
On Request Booking Possibility
Slot & Time-Based Rate Manager
Activity Offer
Endless Number Suppliers Possibility
Global Currency Enabled
Multi-Location Management
Activity Type & Categories
Instant Invoicing & Vouchering
Online & Offline Booking Management
Franchisee (Coming soon)
Activity Inventory Manager (Coming soon)

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